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To concentrate we need to have enough time and passion to Think deeply before we act. Concentration is Thinking, and Thinking is the core skill we need to have to Succeed. Hello everybody and welcome back. My name is Nikolay Dzhurov and I am happy to share an article on one key issue which stops people from succeeding in life. That issue is called multi tasking. It is not coincidence, that I have started my article with the importance of concentration and thinking relative to everything we do. That is what successful people do and that is why they succeed. Multi tasking is the opposite of concentration, and it will bring us the opposite results. What most people do not do is that they don’t plan their life. They don’t have a vision how to succeed, what to do, and a plan towards the attainment of their desired life style. Usually people don’t do all this valuable steps, and never achieve happiness because, if you would ask them they will say that, they don’t have time. 

              Today people are doing more things than ever, working harder than ever, learning and doing more activities than ever, and are more unhappy than ever. Why do we have such a confusing situation? The answer is multi tasking. People today engage in more activities than ever before, dispersing their energy in many locations, which exhausts them completely. To succeed in anything we need a peace of mind. We need some time with ourselves, really to think accurately what we want, how can we achieve it, and to plan and start doing it. Most people just can’t find time to do these simple steps. People are living their lives so fast these days that they don’t have time even for their families sometimes. And more importantly they don’t have time to think. When we are doing many things at a time, and the tasks just keep on coming and coming, we have to react on the situation. And that is the magic word here. Reaction. When we do that, as a result of the lack of time, we just give our powers to the circumstances we want to avoid, thus paving the way for more issues with which we need to deal later. All human beings have the natural desire to do more, to do it better, to do it faster, Today more then ever, especially in western society, people are trapped in a magical circle of speed, which leads them nowhere. Our mind can handle only a certain amount of effort. We all strive for better, but because of all the rush, we can easily get in to a trap. A trap where as a lack of accurate thought, we invest our energy and efforts on tasks and activities, which if analyzed properly, we would realize that are not helping us making the desired change. I am not saying that we shouldn’t strive to be better and better. But being better, achieving more, and living a successful life, doesn’t mean going on a speed which actually just wear us out in the end. It is much easier to make yourself busy all the time and think, that we are on the right track, instead of slowing down and thinking really, are the things we are doing right now worth it? Simple, yet powerful!  

         It is not always the person who gives his best effort, who wins. But you can be sure that the one who thinks more and than acts, always wins. Usually if you ask people why are they doing a certain thing, and is that activity a part of a plan of theirs, for attaining of a desired goal, they won’t be able to answer. Quite often people get so swept away by their work, that they work just for the work and not for themselves. For a better life, for joy. You know that one common thing among successful people is that they do what they love. In order for us to reach that level, we need to slow down and think what we need to change. We will never be able to do that, if we don’t have time. And to have time we need to slow down. We need to eliminate all the insignificant things we do, and concentrate on the important task. This is really hard because today it is easier that ever to get distracted by so many thing. When we do many things with half mind, because of the amounts of tasks, we loose our ability to concentrate while performing the certain task, and as a result of that the quality of our performance suffers. Try one exercise and you will see how difficult it is just to slow down. One day concentrate on doing just the important thing in your daily schedule, that will have the biggest impact on you future. Put effort in to it. In the beginning you will find this hard to do. You mind becomes so well conditioned to doing many things at a time, that if you force it to concentrate on one thing, you will be thinking at first that you are not doing enough. That sitting down and really making a plan is not valuable investment of you time. You can think that you are wasting you time instead of doing so many other things.  

      Until we change the believe that doing more is better, than doing less, we will feel uncomfortable when we try to concentrate on one task. And in the end it comes down to this. To get that clarity in our mind and perform every task with the end goal in mind. Once we start to do that, we can pick again the speed a little bit, but this time everything will be under our control. We will do things much better, with less stress because we will do them from passion, knowing that performing them will bring us success. We won’t act from fear of loosing out job. These invisible mind shifts are the hidden difference between a happy life and a miserable one. We have the right to choose. If we neglect that right, we can be sure that the negative option will be forced on us by circumstances 
There will be more ideas on that topic from me, as I believed it is really important. How do you manage multi tasking. Share you advices, and opinions on the article you have just read. That is all there is in achieving success. Managing issues like the one pointed in this article. Doesn’t sound like some secret key to success, but it is. Because although that simple and apparent, most people neglect it’s value and in that way never succeed. 

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